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Online - Asynchronous

We are now offering online webinars, designed and created for pastors, church staff, and ministry leaders in local churches. 


These courses are all less than 30 minutes, and can be completed at your own pace. 


Most courses come with a free participant workbook you can print and used during the class.


Discounts are available for churches with an average attendance of less than 100. 

Email Ken@L4T.org for the coupon code. 

Growing Catalog

Check back often, new courses are being added all the time. 

Don't see what you need? Just ask. 

We might be able to create a course just for you. 




Ministry leaders everywhere want to be both faithful and fruitful. Setting SMARTER goals for yourself and your ministry can ensure you are focused on the right results and moving closer to God's vision. 


Read the Signs - FREE


What are the signs a local church needs to focus on intentional discipleship? 

We will walk through the key signs seen in many churches today, and see how each of them are symptons...and not really the issue.

Church Connections - $19.99


Church connections is the system in a local church to:

  • get new people connected into the life of the church
  • move current attenders along on their spiritual journey
  • re-engage those who may have left, back into church life

Discipleship Coaching - $19.99


This course is designed for pastors, church staff, ministry leaders, and anyone else looking to learn how to begin a discipleship coaching ministry in your church. 


Accountable Leadership - $19.99


Too often in our culture accountability is only seen as negative or punitive reaction to something going wrong. Our churches need to be a place where we can model positive accountability. 

Growing New Leaders - $19.99


Organizations of all types are in need of leaders for today and tomorrow. The mission of our church is too important for us to leave growing new leaders to chance. 

Conflict Resolution Skills - $19.99


Conflicts are inevitable. Even in churches. This course will equip you as a leader to resolve, not ignore, conflicts. Our focus is on resolving conflicts Biblically.