Curriculum Development

Are you looking to grow and develop those in your ministry?


You do not have to do it alone - I can help!

Professional curriculum development for any size church, organization, or ministry. 

Ken Willard has a masters degree in Adult Education & Training with a focus on instructional design. He has experience creating leadership and training curriculum for major business organizations, local churches, and conferences of hundreds of churches. 

Curriculum Examples


  • Leadership development
  • Membership class
  • Ministry training programs

Ken designed and created all of the materials used in the Healthy Church Initiative program used in many UMC conferences. (Pastoral Leadership Development, Lay Leadership Development, Peer Mentoring, and church consulting) 

Ken designed and created all of the materials used in the Missional Leader program for the Rio Texas conference of the UMC. 

Development Process


While each situation is unique, and based on your needs, there are some common steps: 

  • Analysis - Where are the gaps? What competencies do you want to focus on? Who will be the audience? 
  • Design - Content, format, activities, materials, objectives. 
  • Development - Pilot where possible, materials and content review.
  • Implementation - Roll out, delivery schedule and time-table. 
  • Evaluation - Post course delivery. Did we achieve our goals?