Church Consulting

Professional | Certified

A church's best chance for true transformation often comes from engaging with a professional church consultant. 

An outside pair of eyes, ears, and experience can help to determine where your church is today, what needs to be done, and where God is calling you and your ministry. 


The process is focused on discernment

We are not perfect...but we follow one who is. 

Church Lifecycle

The Bullard lifecycle of the church provides the foundation for our overall process. The main components are: vision, relationships, ministries, and structure. 

Consultating Stages

Stage One - Preparatory

  • Prayer Focus
  • Self Evaluation 
  • Readiness 360 Survey
  • Mystery Worshipers
  • Coaching
  • Leader Conversations

Stage Two - Consultation

  • Facility Tour
  • Leadership Team Meeting 
  • Coaching 
  • Strategic Ministry Planning 
  • Presentation of Report

Stage Three - Implementation

  • Coaching 
  • Training & Support
  • Leadership Support
  • Continued Learning 
  • Celebration Event


Ken Willard

Ken is a certified church consultant with the Society for Church Consulting and has worked with dozens of churches in many states.